Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here is a photo of my work up on the upstairs wall at Glassell. These two pieces were created using matte medium (which is basically liquid plastic) to create transferred images from inkjet printouts. I had so much fun creating these pieces! To do these I printed out images of pop singers, in this case, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga and poured the matte medium over them. I let it dry for 24 hours, then washed off the paper in the sink. The resulting images are a bit blurry and oh-so-matte-tastic.

For this one, I pixelated a photograph of Ke$ha in Photoshop and then used poured sheets of matte medium in bold colors that I then cut into squares for the background image. For the hazy overlay I poured matte medium over the actual photograph of the pop singer as I described above. I also made a $ out of matte medium using a magazine image, since she has that symbol in her name, and glued it onto the top of the piece. It's sort of a collage using a variety of matte medium techniques. The image is 9x12" mounted on a piece of Bristol board.

The other piece features Lady Gaga in what I'm calling a mash-up of two images. One is a pixelated version of Lady Gaga and the other is the pop singer herself. Both images were manipulated in Photoshop. I then printed the images out on my inkjet printer, poured matte medium over them, and let them dry overnight. After washing the paper off, I cut them into strips and glued them to a piece of 12x9" Bristol board leaving the edges raw.

My instructor liked the pieces so much he immediately hung them on the wall outside the classroom at Glassell where they remained for the rest of the summer semester. Pretty cool stuff. I'm going to have to explore this technique some more and see where it takes me...

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