Thursday, March 11, 2010

north philly

This is the next in the Barkley L. Hendrick series based on his North Philly Niggah. I'm calling mine North Philly, acrylic on canvas, March 2010.


Here is my finished painting based on Barkley L. Hendricks' Icon for My Man Superman. I'm calling it Superman, acrylic on canvas, March 2010. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

on the energy required to paint

Nobody ever told me that there will be times when I won't have the energy to paint. But it happens to me all of the time. I am trying to be more disciplined and paint even when I don't have an inspiration. I am trying to be more steady in my painting habits.

It just so happens that at the moment I have a tremendous amount of energy and inspiration. I want to paint. I need to paint. I have to paint! Seeing the Barkley L. Hendricks show was great. I love his use of color and his compositions. It is all together in each of his pieces. This one is one of my favorites, Icon for My Man Superman (Superman never saved any black people - Bobby Seale), 1969, oil, acrylic, and aluminum leaf on linen canvas, 59.5x48".

My plan is to take the composition and colors and create a new painting using my style of linear strokes with stripes of color. More photos to come.