Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the end I decided to do a rough copy of Joan Miro's Catalan Peasant in the Moonlight. The first photo is mine. The second photo is the original. The green at the top of mine did not photograph well - it is much more saturated and grass-greeny. I have mixed feelings about copying someone else's work. I guess it stems from my feeling that it lacks imagination. But maybe I just admired the simple composition and the use of color so much I had to imitate it.
I know the composition is not exactly the same. If I had wanted it to be the same I would have projected the original onto the canvas. But I didn't. I wanted to get the same feeling using my own gestures and not looking at the original when I did mine. I'm not completely happy with the end product. I think it looks clumsy and forced. But then again the original has a certain amount of carelessness about it. I don't know. I enjoyed doing this, though. Maybe I'll make a striper for this one.

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